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Friends Only

Uisge Beatha -- pronounced "Whisk-ah-bay-tha"

The following is my friending policy (I have policies! I am so freakin' important, huh?)

Armaments, Chapter Two, Verses Nine Through Twenty-OneCollapse )



Long Time, heh?

I am fumbling about on LJ, having been gone for eons. Yes, I have a reason. I am desperate for good.....let me emphasize that...GOOD...Lucifer (TV show) fan fiction.

For those that remember me, you know I am shiptastic and have glommed onto Lucifer/Chloe like white on rice.

The problem is, I am only finding drek on FF.net and am in desperate need of some good L/C fic.

Any suggestions old Friends?

Bionic Woman -- the original tv show

Hellow, Peeps! No, I'm not dead. Just busier than hell with a new job and chairing, once again, my high school reunion.

And speaking of that, I am looking for and hoping someone out there can help me with getting an episode or two of the orginal Bionic Woman tv show. I will any type of video clip I can get. Have the British version and willing to send me an ep or two, will love you for ever.

All will be revealed after October 16th, promise!

Please Help Jack's Place!

You can help my cousin Bobby's rescue shelter by voting in The Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Shelter Challenge

Please help Jack's Place win a grant from The Animal Rescue Site. 73 grants will be given away to various shelters, including one grand prize of $20,000! The more votes they get, the more likely they are to win. And you can vote every day between now and December 20th!

To vote for Jack's Place, click on the link at the top of this message. Be sure to scroll down to "Search and Vote for a Shelter" filling this in with Jack's Place and the state of Kentucky.

Please pass this message on to family and friends and help them win a grant.

Vote for Jack's Place today!

Senator Al Franken Draws Map of US

Because I am perpetually a day late and often more than a dollar short, you've all probably seen this. Regardless, I found it amazing....although being the left-wing elitest I am, what do I know?



Taking a Break from Vacation to ....

pimp my puppy!

Hannah has made it to round three of the Cutest Dog Competition

Please remember to vote for her (you can vote once a day from any IP address)

You Can't Choose Your Relatives

But you can mock them.

And they keep making it so easy.

My oldest sister got an email today, forwarded to her by my middle sister...the rabid Republican. My older sister immediately sent it to me to demand why *I* had such an idiot for a sister (and actually it was originally forwarded by an aunt to my middle sister, so it seems that idiocy runs rampant in my family. Damn.)

It was, of course, a poorly written, mostly fictitious, ranting, raving, mouth-frothing email about how the new health care plan that the Obama administration is backing is going to, well, basically, euthanize all the old folks, murder all the babies, spread herpes and H1N1 fall and wide, and generally make our lives a living hell the likes of we haven't seen since, well, never...

I, of course, forwarded it to nnaylime because I knew she would research each odd ball, nutcase comment and respond line for line with real information and data.

She did not disappointment me.

If you are the least bit interested (or simply want to laugh at my family) read her post HERE

Someone's Been Practicing Anagrams

Driving to the local Starbucks for my morning iced coffee, I looked over to see [info] nnaylime staring out the window with her mouth hanging open.

"What?" I exclaimed.

She looks at me, blinks, blinks again, then says "I think Peterson's Flooring had their sign highjacked."

My turn to blink. "Someone stole it?"

[info] nnaylime smiles. "Not exactly."

funny pictures
New Marketing Technique for no-skid floors?

Kindly vote for this sign, dear friends, because this is the most interesting thing happening Frederick :-)


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